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Bhogi Pandigai also known as Bhogi Pongal is a traditional harvest festival which is touted as the most important festival of the country especially in the Tamil Nadu of South India. The Pongal festival which usually begins around the 14th or 15th day of the month and is celebrated in a grand manner for four days. This auspicious festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in order to spread joy. Happy Uttarayan Quotes wishes

The auspicious day marks the beginning of sun’s six-month journey towards the north like in the Uttarayanam. It is believed that the Bhogi Pandigai festival is celebrated to say thanks to the Sun God as well to appreciate the god. Bhogi Pandigai appreciates the sun as the god for providing energy for agriculture. So due to the festival celebrates in the Tamil Nadu in a grand manner it is the citizen of the Tamil Nadu decorate their houses with mango, banana leaves and colourful patterns made up of rice flour. Further, the dishes are been served in the traditional in banana leaves which are prepared for the guest.

Bhogi Pandigai Sms Messages Quotes Wishes



On the auspious day of Pongal & Bhogi festival may god bless you with all the happiness and prosperity in life. May your future be bright as sun which is shinning for us. May all your wishes and dreams come true.’





On the blissful occasion of Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal & Bhogi I wish you for prosperity, peace and happiness.’


Happy Bhogi bagyalu Sankranti sapadulu kanuma kanuvedu kavalani


Wishing you & your family a very Happy Sankranti, Pongal & Bhogi. May the almighty bless you all with the best of health, wealth & prosperity’


Bhogi Bhoga bhagyalatoSankranti siri sampadalatoKanumu kalasi melasi KanuvindugaHAPPY SANKRANTHI


happy pongal BhogaBhagyala-bhogi..Sukhasantosala.Sankranti..Kammani vantala Kanuma,,Sadameeinta,viriyalinavvula panta

Happy Bhogi,sankranthi And kanuma wishes 2 u and ur family members…….


Flame your past in ‘BHOGI’. Invite new hopes & Pleasures with ‘SANKRANTHI’


Bhogi Sthbagam Happy Bhogi


‘Flame ur past in bhogi, invite new hopes, pleasures & clothes with sankranthi, enjoy kanuma with all tastes. happy pongal & happy bhogi’

Happy bhogi and happy sankranti to all


hi hello happy bhogi

Hope you always soar
high just like the colorful
kites that dot the sky.

Happy Makar Sakranti! & Happy Bogi


Wish You A Happy Bhogi & SanKranthi…….. to my dear Friend….


Meethe gud main mil gaya til,
udi patang aur khil gaya dil,
Har pal sukh aur
har din shanti aap k liye
Happy Lohri & Happy Bogi

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Bhogi Pandigai is basically a four-day harvest festival which mainly celebrates the Tamil community. The month for the Bhogi Pandigai is beginning from January 14, 2022, till January 19, 2022. Pongal or Pandigai word means overflowing which indicates the growth of happiness and prosperity. The word Pongal is derived from the Tamil word Ponga, which means to boil.

Happy Bhogi Pandigai Whatsapp Status Dp

Bhogi Pandigai which is touted as an auspicious day so here the citizen of Tamil Nadu actually boil milk in new clay pots and then they overflow to portray abundance. Devotees also boil the first rice of the season to the Sun which is called in the Tamil language as Surya Maangalyam. It is one of the most important festivals of the South India, Tamil Nadu.


Pongal is a special thanksgiving day which is actually dedicated to Mother Nature and the Puja is done by the farmers for the overflowing harvest. It is believed that the auspicious month very special and traditional month for weddings as the end of the harvest season is related to the fact of the abundance of food which creates time for the marriage also.

Bhogi Pandigai Or Bhogi Pongal (1st Day): Bhogi Pongal or Pandigai is the first day of Pongal festival where people worship Lord Indra. Bhogi usually falls on January 13th and the people of the Tamil Nadu celebrates it’s in a significance manner where they make bonfires and celebrates the Bhogi Pandigai as mark the end of winter and starts of the summer. Before Bhogi, people in the Tamil Nadu must clean their house as they beautiful designs of Kolam at the Verandah of their home. People worship Sun God and agricultural equipment which they used in order to cut the crop. Apart from this, there are many families who throw their household items and buy new ones as on the 1st day of Bhogi it is a ritual to throw the old items from the house.

Surya Pongal (2nd Day): The second day of the festival is dedicated to Lord Surya (Sun God) where devotes boiled rice in milk in an earthen pot and then they offer it to lord Surya Dev. This ritual is known as in the Tamil Nadu as Surya Maangalyam. Tamilians decorate their houses with mango, banana leaves and colourful patterns made up of rice flour. Women draw beautiful kolam at the entry of their house. New rice is cooked with milk and jaggery, over the stove and the milk and rice would need to boil well in the pot then the people will be saying ‘Pongalo Pongal’.

Mattu Pongal (3rd Day): Mattu Pongal day is dedicated to the cows; ox’s and where people should adorn their beads, bells and worship them. Animals help the farmers to raise a crop in order to harvest it so it is the duty of the public is to dedicate the 3rd day of Pongal to god in order to offer the same to the gods. Further people take part in the bull race and in some places annual bull fight take place and this festival is known as Jallikkattu.

Kaanum Pongal (4th Day): The final day of Pongal is – Kannum Pongal also known as Karinaal where devotes offer Puja to the sun and it is termed as Sarkarai Pongal and they do the Puja with sugarcane. This offering symbolises sweetness, happiness and joy in the people’s life where the women observe this Puja in the So here we wish everyone a very Happy Bhogi Pandigai Or Bhogi Pongal.

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