Birmingham: Two Killed, 1 Injured in 5-Car Crash, CCTV Video Footage

Reportedly, a tragic multi-car crash occurred in Birmingham in which two people lost their lives and one was injured badly in this incident. This crash news attracted the attention of people and netizens who were curious to know more. The cases of crash incidents are increasing day-by-day and every day many lose their lives after being in tragic accidents. This crash news is making a buzz and the authorities have shared some details regarding this incident. In this article, we have shared all the available details and we have tried to share it all briefly.


First of all, the details related to this terrible multi-car crash incident are limited because it happened recently and all the information has not been shared openly. According to the sources, it was a multi-car crash incident in which a total of five vehicles were involved and two individuals lost their lives. It happened on Monday 26 February 2024 in Birmingham and witnesses say a pickup truck went from the eastbound lane to the westbound lane and collided with a vehicle. It happened a few minutes before noon on Bankhead Highway (Highway 78) near Cherry Avenue at the edge of the Smithfield Estates and North Pratt areas. Continue your reading…

Two Killed, 1 Injured in 5-Car Crash

Furthermore, one vehicle rolled over in this crash incident but the excat details surrounding this accident remain unclear. This incident led to the closure of the highway while officers worked the scene and gathered details on how the crash happened. It is also reported that one person was taken to UAB Hospital, but the extent of their injuries was not known. Some eyewitnesses stated that a pickup truck crossed into the westbound lane from the eastbound lane, hitting one vehicle and then it resulted in a five-car crash incident. Two people were killed in this accident and no casualties have been reported. Read on…

In simple words, it was a multi-car crash incident in which five vehicles were involved. In this incident, two people were killed and this tragic event occurred on 26 February 2024 but the excat details are not officially shared yet. The news of this accident is rapidly running in the social media trends and many are sharing their reactions. Presently, the details are limited and the investigators are on the way to fetch all the details regarding this incident. We have mentioned all the available details above in this article and we will update you after fetching any other information. Stay tuned with dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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