Breaking News : Missing Plane in Nepal with 23 people on Board Dead

Breaking News : Missing Plane in Nepal with 23 people on Board Dead : A passenger plane with 23 people is reported missing in Nepal while flying in mountainous area of Nepal. Among the passengers, there were two foreigners in the plane and flying in the poor visibility over mountainous terrain in Nepal on Wednesday is missing and the officials feared that it has crashed.


According to the airport official Yogendra Kumar, the plane was on 18-minute flight Wednesday but lost contact after the takeoff. He said that there were no landing strips between the two airports and it is believed to have been crashed.

The foreigners were from China and Kuwait while all others were Nepali nationals including two them were children and three crew members. The plane was taken off from the Pokhara at 7.47am, a resort which is 200 kilometers away from the capital Kathmandu. It was flying north to Jomsom, the starting point of trekkers going into mountainous region.

According to the police chief of Jomson, Harihari Yogi, they had reports from the local villagers of hearing a huge explosion near the small village of Rupshe and they have tried to reach there.

The flight twin otter was of Tara airlines and only small planes can fly in this mountainous area of Jomson which is famous for the Mount Annapurna and Mustang region for trekking and foreigners and locals came here for the same purposes. There is also a Hindi pilgrimage of the Muktinath Temple.

After the first plane crashed in Nepal since 1949. There is series of more than 70 different crashes involving planes and helicopters in which more than 700 people have been killed. Due to the same reason in 2013, European Union made a ban on all Nepalese airlines flying from there.

Now the parts of missing plane have been found and it is declared that all 23 people are killed by the Nepal Tourism Ministry.