Watch : Sunny Leone, Alok Nath & Deepak Dobriyal Anti-Smoking Short Film

Watch : Sunny Leone, Alok Nath & Deepak Dobriyal Anti-Smoking Short Film : Well, who excepted this type of messenger advertisement from the bold and hot actress Sunny Leone I think nobody but on a serious note this actress shoot this advertisement with Alok Nath And Deepak Dobriyal. This is something out of box by this all actors I think this advertisement is going to break a lot of records in advertisement industry.


Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal all are doing great job in these advertisement also the writing job did by the writer was superb

Watch Sunny Leone, Alok Nath & Deepak Dobriyal Hd Video

Well this advertisement is all about for the smokers who smoke cigarette and don’t know the side effect of the cigarette on their body actors try to put their hard to make people understand about the smoking is injuries for health and we should quit smoking well in this advertisement Deepak is the victim of smoking his father Alok Nath called a doctor for the treatment but the doctor said that Deepak is out of control he can’t do anything you have to ask his last wish!!!

Then suddenly everybody started asking Deepak that what is his last wish and all of the people from his family started suggesting different-2 things. Well then suddenly Deepak said that he want Sunny Leone as his last wish. His family got surprised and his father got shocked but then his grandmother came and said to his father Alok Nath that you have to full fill his last wish in any cost.

And then somehow they took Sunny Leone as his wife and he finally got married with her but at first night of marriage she offered milk to Deepak and after then they just started came close and on that time Deepak died and that’s how this Advertisement got finished.

Well the massage Sunny and her co actors want to gave is every cigarette decrees the 11 Minutes of your life and we should stop smoking

Well after this advertisement uploaded on YouTube everybody started talking about this advertisement and after a few times this advertisement got good views on YouTube.

Well, nobody ever expected this type of advertisement from the Actors like Sunny and Alok Nath but they did because they both are becoming quite famous these days among the youth and teenagers.

Whatever people say I think this is something good happened by Sunny and we all have to appreciate this.