Callahan: Only One Man Charged in Florida Road Rage Incident Explained!

The fighting between two men was the cause of the two girls’ injuries. After this accident, only one man was charged in a Florida road rage incident. They both shot each other’s daughters. This incident happened in Callahan, Florida. According to the sources, they both did open fire shots and one of the two men claimed that he did in self -defence. In a ‘cat and mouse,’ road rage incident, they shot each other’s daughters, mistakenly. The man who did the first open fire named Frank Allison, 44. Frank Allison did open fire on William Hale. William Hale is 36 years old. If you want to know more about this incident, read the full article in detail.

Only One Man Charged in Florida

In this accident, Frank Allison was did opened fire on William.  After the open fire from Frank Allison, William Hale threw a water bottle into Frank Allison’s car during this fight. According to the officials, the law under Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ was justified it is not wrong in self-defense for shot someone. Further, after the bottle was thrown from William’s side, a 44-year man Frank Allison fired a single shot into William Hale’s car. In William Hale’s car, his daughter was also sitting in the car. Hale’s daughter was 5 years old. She had got many injuries.

Only One Man Charged in Florida

After the single shot from Frank’s side, the bullet was sticking to Hale’s daughter’s leg. In his self-defense, William Hale fired multiple rounds. William Hale was fired with his Glock semi-automatic handgun. Hale fired at Frank Allison’s car. After the firing from William’s side, the bullet was striking Frank Allison’s daughter. She was 14 years old. The bullet hit on 14-year-old girl’s back and which converts into a lung injury.  Both men were charged with attempted murder. In this road rage incident, however, earlier this month the charges were withdrawn from Frank Allison. Further, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper gave the statement on this, ” There could have been two dead kids because of two stupid grown men.”.

After the investigation, there were witnesses also available between the two drivers. The witness mentioned about this to the police that he was seen a” cat and mouse” game between Frank and William. Further, the witness added that he was forced to call 911 because ‘he knew something bad was going to happen’. After Hale’s next court date, three charges were levied on Hale. The first one was for attempted murder for the shooting, the second was for throwing a water bottle and the last third was for three counts of aggravated assault.

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