Who Is Dreamybull and Why Was He Arrested? Fake Rumors Goes Viral On Social Media Explained!

The breaking news of the very famous content creator and influencer Dreamybull is arrested. The rumors are true about arresting? Is he arrested? For which crime was he arrested? So, the news comes from sources that are very famous social media DreamBull arrested. We will answer this question later, first, we here talk about why he was arrested and for which reason he was arrested. After Dreambull’s arrest, social media sites are buzzing. His fans and people want to know the cause of the arrest. It is very interesting to know why Dreambull’s arrest rumors making rounds on social media.

Is Dreamybull Arrested?

After his arrest news, his videos are going viral on social media. Now the question stand is it true that he is arrested? Are rumors of his arrest true? So, the answer to these rumors is no. Yes, this is fake news of arrests. The famous content material creator and influencer Dreamybull is not arrested. All the imperative aspects related to this news have been responded to that it is fake news. According to the sources, however, yes it is true that he has a history of police custody. The Famous social media creator was arrested in 2014. But recently he is not been arrested by the police. In 2014, when he arrests he was charged with misdemeanor theft. And at a different point in time, he was charged with stealing a phone from Rent-A-Center in Salisbury.

Who Is Dreamybull and Why Was He Arrested?

In 2014 when he arrests, at that time he was an adolescent pastor at the kingdom center in Charlotte NC. Perrell Laguarius Brown is the stage name of the Dreambull. Due to his viral movies and express content , the arrest of Perrell Laquarius Brown has been mostly Forgotten by means of his followers.  He starts his career on social media like Youtube and TikTok. He has many followers on TikTok and Youtube. People really loved his videos. Bsically , on social media, he makes skites and comedy videos. On TikTok and Youtube, people recognize him for his skites and comedy videos.

Further , his memes often feature his O-face and exaggerated reactions, accompanied by sound effects and humorous captions. He earned people’s appreciation and his face became viral due to his expressions. After getting famous in TikTok, he gained a reputation on other platforms such as Funny, and 4chan . At the end of the article, we once again say that the news of the arrest of  Dreambull is fake. He is not arrested by the police. If we get any other information about Dreambulls, we will post it on the same site.

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