Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine- The World’s largest processor reveals

Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine- The World’s largest processor reveals: As you all might already know that the semiconductor industry is getting bigger and revolutionary day by day.  Last 60 years has been a journey for the chip companies as they have strived to make the brains of computers as tiny as possible. Reports are coming that they are working on it and they are about to make another big revolution. Startup Cerebras Systems will turn this maxim on it’s head on Monday when it unveils a processor measuring roughly 8 inches by 8 inches.

Yes! You are reading it right this is 50 times larger than similar chips available today and it is interesting. The logic behind whole this idea is to make a simple and great chip. Some of you might know that Artificial intelligence software requires huge amounts of information to improve, so processors need to be as fast as possible to crunch all this data.

Also, the company claimed that they have made this chip larger because it has 1.2 trillion transistors, 400,000 computing cores and 18 gigabytes of memory. For you information, a typical PC processor will have about 2 billion transistors, four to six cores and a fraction of the memory. It is higher than anything and the best part is it can contain a lot of things in it.

The Chip Can Perform Same As A Cluster Of Hundreds of GPUs

Even, in a statement, Feldman said, “Every square millimeter is optimized for this work.” Also, he added, “AI work is growing like crazy. Our customers are in pain.” We are pretty sure that you all are going to love the chip as it is exciting and it will make you all amazed for sure. Feldman has experience and industry backing that’s essential to tackling an engineering problem of this magnitude.

What are the disadvantages?

While the chips process information much faster, Dr Ian Cutress, senior editor at the news site AnandTech, said the advances in technology would come at a cost.

“One of the advantages of smaller computer chips is they use a lot less power and are easier to keep cool,” he explained.

Sources are saying that the Cerebras has raised over $100 million from Silicon Valley investors including Benchmark, Andy Bechtolsheim and Sam Altman.  We are expecting that this whole thing is going to bring a new light to the world of Computer. Also, the Feldman has a team of 174 engineers and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.