Cheapest Netflix monthly plan might soon launch in India but there’s a catch

Cheapest Netflix monthly plan might soon launch in India but there’s a catch :- Netflix might soon have an extremely affordable plan for India that may make it accessible to more people. However, there will be a big catch with this plan that may resist users to use Netflix and push them towards other platforms like Hotstar, etc. Allegedly, Netflix is said to be testing its cheapest monthly plan with a subscription charge of Rs 5 per month for India with a validity of only a single month.

Cheapest Netflix monthly plan might soon launch in India

As per the report from the Indian Express, Netflix is testing a new introductory plan for new members. Every new user signing up for a Netflix membership will get the first month for a subscription charge of Rs 5 per month. However, when the first month is over, the user will be charged at normal rates based on the chosen plan. The offer will be available from February 21 and if the report is to be believed then all members will not get the promotional offer.

However, the promotional offer will be valid on all the Netflix subscription plans. Therefore, irrespective of the plan you chose i.e. the cheapest mobile-only plan worth Rs 199 per month or the most expensive plan worth Rs 799 per month, the first month will be charged at Rs 5 per month in all the cases.

Despite the offer, Netflix will still be among the more expensive subscription plans. Amazon offers its Amazon Prime Video at Rs 129 per month and to add value to it, it bundles the Amazon Prime subscription as well as Amazon Prime Music as well. Amazon doesn’t restrict video resolution in any of its plans. Hotstar also has a premium monthly plan at Rs 199 per month.

A Netflix spokesperson in the report said, “This is a new marketing promotion designed to help more people discover Netflix. Depending on its success, we may roll it out more widely.” The offer is said to be extended to a limited number of new users and if it’s successful, Netflix might extend the offer to more new customers. Notably, the offers won’t be applicable to existing users.

Netflix is one of the most expensive video streaming platforms in India and despite coming up with its cheapest mobile-only plan for India, it is still far off from the local streaming platforms in terms of popularity. That’s mostly due to the monthly plans being quite expensive. Netflix initially offered a month’s free subscription to new members but it withdrew that promotional offer after a while.

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