Chuck Norris Didn’t Need DNA Test to Accept Daughter Dina Whom He Didn’t Know Existed for 26 Years

Currently, Chuck Norris and Dina are gathering so much attention and popularity on the internet and news. It is shared that Dina is Chuck’s daughter and this news is the headline of the news. Carlos Ray Norris is an American martial artist and actor but he is mostly known as Chuck Norris. This news is making a buzz on the internet and attracts the interest 0f many people. He is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood and carries a large number of fans around the world and on his social media pages. Let’s continue this article and know more about his daughter.

Chuck Norris Didn't Need DNA Test to Accept Daughter Dina

As per the exclusive sources and reports, Norris is his daughter and he said that he didn’t need a DNA test to accept her. It is also shared that he doesn’t know Dina for 26 years and now this news creating a storm on the internet sites. It is said that he cheated on his wife after leaving the military which resulted in an out-of-wedlock child and he doesn’t know about the child for 26 years. The theory of her daughter was disclosed in his biography “Against All Odds” in which he shared that he found out about his daughter only in 1991 when he received a letter from Dina, who claimed to be his biological daughter.

Chuck Norris Didn’t Need DNA Test to Accept Aaughter

He also claimed in his book that he felt guilt for lying to Johanna Dina’a mother and he wrote that “To my shame, I never told Johanna that I was married,”. It is shared that he met Johanna in the US Air Force. The couple falls in love together and birth a daughter name, Dina. Now, he is gathering attention after coming back from his daughter and he said that “I didn’t need DNA or blood tests” to accept her as my daughter who come back after 26 years. He shared a long message and confirms that Dina is his daughter.

After coming out of this news, lots of rumors are shared by social media users which created huge confusion but we clear and confirm the complete theory about him and his daughter. If we discuss his personal life, he get married two times and also cheated on her wife. He got married to Diana Holechek in 1958 and divorced her in 1989 and later again got married to Gena O’Kelly in 1998. Currently, not much information has been shared about this topic and Dina. Stay linked to dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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