DEA: Suspect Shot During Ongoing Drug Investigation in Fort Lee Explained

According to the latest reports, the official in New Jersey is investigating the shooting that took place near the intersection of Palisade Avenue and Whiteman Street around 01:30 PM. According to the sources, the shooting appeared to stem from an ongoing drug investigation. Since the news of the shooting came out, there is a moment of fear among all the people who are living nearby. A video was released on social media that some bullet holes could be seen in a Toyota Camry with several through the windshield. Keep reading this article as we are trying to update you with more info.

Fort Lee Shooting

Now, the DEA agents are trying to arrest someone who is behind the ongoing drug investigation in Fort Lee. According to the updates, someone was also injured in the incident after getting shot in the leg. Brian Aragonez told the media he heard gunshots. He also added that he was looking outside and saw a pickup truck pull into his driveway. Brian also recorded the video of the incident from his window which clarifies his statement. Aragonez said,” I felt kind of scared. I mean, my son was with me and my first reaction was, ‘Hey, get down, get down”.

Who Was Injured In the Shooting?

The official reports say that two agents who were involved in this operation were Okay and the suspect has been taken to the hospital. Well, the authorities didn’t share whether agents shot him or how he was shot. Another man, Tom Ko said that he was working at his jewelry store when the incident took place at around 01:35 PM. Ko and other people of the area said that they were surprised to hear the sound of shooting in Fort Lee.

He also added that it was the first that any crime happened near his store. Now, the authorities are trying to locate the incident that actually what happened there. Now, the residents have been told to remain vigilant and keep their eyes open for any suspicious activity taking place in the future. Still, there is no information related to the suspect who suffered gunshots but he is being treated in the hospital after he was shot in the leg. Police are also analyzing the CCTV footage of the nearby area to know the exact reason behind this sudden shooting case that has shocked nearby people. Stay tuned with us to know latest updates.

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