5 Tips That Can Beautify Your Photos by Creating Quality Canvas

Everyone likes to preserve some memorable moments forever. Be it in some kind of photo albums or frames, when you have the perfect click, you just never want to look away and that picture becomes a story.

If you are considering to put a picture on a frame by printing it on a canvas, it is one of the best things you can do currently to make a long-lasting, beautiful piece of art that will take you to the memory lane every time you look at it. For that, surely Canvas Prints should be on top of the list for the job. But there are some things you need to consider before you would like to place an order with a company that prints your photos on canvas and frames it.

5 Tips That Can Beautify Your Photos by Creating Quality Canvas

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 tips that will help you in creating the best canvas from your photo.

  1. Choose a High Definition photograph

The most common mistake that people make while sending a photograph for the printing process is that they do not provide the original quality photograph that they want to print.

Sure, compressed and reduced definition images look good on small displays like your smartphones, but when they are stretched to fit the canvas size, you may be surprised by how much the quality of the image is hampered by Pixelation (A image quality defect that occurs when any image is scaled up beyond its resolution and individual pixels start appearing distinctly).

For this purpose, find the original copy of the photograph form the storage or backup of the device it was taken on (Either phone storage in case the photo was taken on smartphone, or SD card in case it was taken on a professional camera). Do not used images shared via applications like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp that use compression to decrease the image size but also reduce the image quality while doing so.

  1. Choose a picture that was taken on a good camera

Yes, I know, now a days all smartphone cameras are pretty good for casual photos. But when it comes to printing a picture taken straight out of a smartphone camera that costs less than a third of a good quality but bottom line Digital SLR onto a large canvas, the difference is quite noticeable.

So, our recommendation will be to use an image that was either taken with a high definition camera like a Digital SLR, or a very good smartphone camera that was taken in good lighting conditions. Using a low-quality image on a canvas is just going to make you forget that moment!

  1. Choose the right size

There are a lot of variables that you need to consider when you want to print a picture on a canvas and you have to decide the canvas size.

The size of the wall you are planning to hang it from, your arrangement of the frame with other items on the wall, quality of the original picture, amount of pictorial information in the photograph all count.

  1. Choosing the right frame

This is also one of the most important aspects of the canvas printing of photographs. The frame should match the wall, the other interiors in the house, the ceiling as well as the other things that are hung on the wall you are planning to put this frame on.

We would recommend choosing a color that is subtle and does not pop up too much, because that can attract your eyes more than the photograph itself which is not the best thing you would like to end up with. Also, it should make a good contrast with house furniture, wall paint, ceiling and flooring paint as well as other items on the wall.

  1. Check in with the printing company for effects and touch ups

If you have an image that is somewhat pixelated or was not taken in the best of environments but still means a lot to you, some of the companies that provide facilities of printing on a canvas also have provision for enhancing the image using some filters and light image editing.

Make sure you communicate beforehand, and we also recommend that you leave the editing work to the professionals, they know what looks the best. You can communicate over what types of enhancements you want if you want more vivid color, if you want more light or shadows, you can always demand that and most of the companies nowadays are willing to help you out! All hail the competition!

These are the top 5 tips you should always remember while ordering a canvas printed frame of your favorite photograph from any site.