Aatmvishwas New Song By Badshah Ft. Amit Bhadana First Look Out Release Date

The Youtube star “Amit Bhadana” new song “Aatmvishwas” is ready to break all the record of youtube, his new song is ready to launch and it will be uploaded on the official youtube channel of Amit in the first week of October. He is an Indian youtube, who uploaded vines, comedy videos, and inspirational videos and he proved himself in every video by the amazing and familiar content. He is the first individual Youtuber who crossed the miles of 20 million subscribers on youtube and also he is the second single YouTuber who crossed 10 million subscribers and the first youtube who crossed the 10 million miles is Bhuvan Bam. Amit always uploaded desi content and he makes sure that his content made familiar and the whole Indian youths watch his video with their family.

 Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana has a youtube channel name of himself “Amit Bhadana” and still, he gained 21.3 million subscribers which is equal to 2.1 crores subscribers on youtube. He always made videos about the desi familiar issue and comedy videos which are relatable to all family of India, his videos are awesome and his dialogue delivery is little desi which loved by the viewers, and till now he reached 1.73 billion views in his all videos. He was born on 7th September 1994 in Bulandseher which is in Uttar Pradesh and now he is 26 years old.

He did graduation from the University of Delhi and on 24th October 2012 he made his youtube channel but he started uploading his videos from 1st March 2017 and his first video title was “Exam Be Like Board Preparation Be Like”. He reached 10 million subscribers in September 2018 and also his video was featured on YouTube’s 2018 Global Top 10 Videos list.

Now, he is ready to launch his second music video named “Aatmvishwas”, the release date is still not revealed but it’s a rumor that in the first week of October he will upload his new music video. This time Badshah gives the music and lyrics and also sing this song but the whole storyline is of Amit. On 17th September 2020, he posted the official poster of his new song on his official Instagram stated that “AATMVISHWAS, Hazar Ghaav Khakar Bhi Sher Muskara Khada Hain Apne Parivar Aur Janta Ki Sewa Mein @badboyshah x Amit Bhadana” and also Badshah posted the same on his Instagram. His previous song named Parichay was loved by the audience and till now his previous song gained 71 million views with 4 million likes. We hope for the best for his new upcoming song. For more updates about this follow Dekhnews and stay tuned with us.

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