Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 17 26th November 2023 Full Episode Written Update: Housemates Enjoy Orrys Company

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular and successful shows and it carries so many fans around the world. It is an Indian reality show and it follows the format of the Dutch reality game show, Big Brother. It is going to release its next episode and many showing their curiosity to know what will happen in this upcoming episode. It has released 16 seasons yet and is presently ongoing with its 17th Season which is also receiving huge love and popularity from the audience and viewers. Let us continue this article to know more about this upcoming episode and this show.

Bigg Boss

It has been presented by many popular personalities and now, Season 17 is hosted by Salman Khan. It is the 43rd episode of this season and it will be the “weekend ka waar”. It will begin like the previous episode as the host welcomes all the audience and tells them that he has a special surprise for them and their housemates. As per the exclusive promos, there is a game that will be played among the contestants and it makes this episode a little bit funny. Some clips and posts have been shared on the official site of this show. Keep reading…

Bigg Boss 26th November 2023 Written Update

Reportedly, Jigna will be eliminated and her journey will come to an end. Many of her fans are sending good wishes by commenting on her social media page. This upcoming episode will start with Salman Khan who goes to talk to the housemates. He asks Khanzadi what is her problem that she keeps quarreling with the house members even after refusing. She starts crying and says that she will not listen to anything against her physical health. Then, the host scolded her and she said she wanted to go home. Salman replies, if she wants to go then the doors are open and she is free to leave the show.

In another promo, Ankita and Vicky are seen crying after seeing their mother while the women tell them how they are being seen completely differently in real life in the show. Ankita’s mother cries and tells Vicky that she has never seen them fighting. They have an argument and it is highlighted in this episode. The exact details have not been shared yet and we have mentioned all the details above in this article. The episode will premiere on Sunday 26th November at 09:00 PM on Colors TV and will also be live-streamed online on JioCinema where fans can easily enjoy it. Stay connected to to read more articles on daily updates.

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