Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination 8th January 2024 Written Update: Ankita Lokhande’s Insecurity

Here, we are back for entertainment lovers, especially for those who like to watch Bigg Boss because this show is going to end soon. Yes, it is going forward to the path of finale and it is creating more buzz among the fans and people. It is an Indian television reality show that entertained people over the last 17 years and gathered a massive number of fans worldwide. The current season of BB17 is also known as Bigg Boss: Dil, Dimaag aur Dum Ka Game and now, fans are curious to know what will happen in this upcoming episode. Let’s continue your reading and don’t skip any line.

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination

Reportedly, Aroora has been eliminated from BB17, and his eviction was a blow to fans who were expecting that he win the season. There was an argument between the couple, Vicky and Ankita. As per the promo, the episode starts with Munavvar discussing Abhi’s lack of gratitude towards Ankita, mentioning how Abhi is behaving disrespectfully towards him. He discusses how Abhi keeps talking rudely to everyone despite being given a second chance to participate in the show. Nevertheless, Ayesha stands up for Abhi, defending him, saying that he has already expressed gratitude and folded hands and apologized, and she believes it is time that others should stop expecting him to boast about his favors again and again.

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination

She further says that it is unfair to constantly belittle her for her one act of aid. Furthermore, she says that despite being a contestant, she still has her own opinions and has the right to express them openly in front of everyone. The next morning, Ankita enters the washroom area and sees Mannara and Vicky hanging out together, after which Ankita starts teasing Vicky. The most highlighted part of this episode is the fight between the couple and it began because of the friendship between Vicky and Mannara. Scroll down this page and continue your reading…

BB17 began with a total of 21 contestants and now, there are only eight are left in the show. The show is also on the way to reach the finale and ends soon. Due to the ongoing fight between the couple, it is also emerging one more contestant will leave the show soon. This episode will be premier at 10 pm on Monday 8 January 2024 on Colors TV and it will also live telecast on JioCinema. We have shared all the available details above in this article about this upcoming episode but it is not completely confirmed. Stay connected to to read more articles.

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