‘BTS’ Dynamite New Song Released, Crossed 45 Million+ Views on Youtube

Today we are going to talk about one of the famous and trendy things, which is in trend these days. BTS the band group of seven members who are in the flow and getting popularity these days. They are going to release the new song, and it will be first of them that will be in English entirely. So here we will discuss every single thing related to her and tell you about the complete story.  Read that article from top to bottom.

‘BTS’ Dynamite New Song Released

Here we will let you know that when this song is going to be released by the BTS, officially BTS said that on Thursday, that the first song and its name is Dynamite was not sure they have not planned it but after going through the tough time of COVID 19 people got to know many of the things, they could not with. This situation forced then to forward this song. So that the people who are quite sad and having a problem for many months, not days they can feel great and excited.

So far there is no confirmed date of releasing but it will be released this year later. RM said it in an online press conference was out of our plan because this song is not serious but people are. So they thought it is the right time to have some fun and make people excited about this song. As soon as possible they want to release this song and make people good at this critical time.

There are so many fan following of the BTS, they have such a huge fan following and their fans are desperately waiting for this song. Normally they sing any of the songs in Korean Language but at this time this song was a new challenge for all of them because this time it is all in English. out of all seven members of BTS, RM is the fluent English speaker but the rest of the members are not. So you can understand this song easily in English and enjoy it as per your terms.

Due to COVID 19 they left many of the tours but finally, they brought the new song for us so that we can enjoy, wish them all the best for this song may this song get millions of likes and views and become of the best songs ever. Follow our page for more updates like this and stay connected with us always.

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