CarryMinati ‘Yalgaar Ho’ Video Trending Worldwide At #6, Break Many Records

YouTubers are leaving no stone unturned to roast TikTokers. It all started with the popular TikToker Amir Siddiqui’s, where he made the video claiming that YouTubers don’t have their own content and pirate TikTok’s content. He also mentioned some popular YouTubers names and CarryMinati was one of them. The video incited most of the TikTokers and the conclusion was Carry’s video titled YouTube vs TikTok: The End. The video was supposed to be the most-watched non-musical video of India on YouTube but unfortunately, it was deleted by the officials of YouTube and claimed that it was out of their terms and conditions.

The whole community of YouTube, Meme and as well their fans started roasting TikTok and they were very angry with the decision of YouTube. They couldn’t stop themselves after the video of Faizal Siddiqui that was promoting acid attacks on girls after getting rejected. We tell you that Faizal is the brother of Amir Siddiqui. The chairperson of National Commission of women, Rekha Sharma urged the government to take the strict action against Faizal, in response to it his account was suspended from TikTok.

The trend of roasting TikTokers is not going to stop soon. Now, the whole nation is coming forward against TikTok and many people are urging to not use Chinese products and demanding the ban on it. The rating of TikTok also fallen down after this and India has introduced a new app and alternate for TikTok named Mitron app. CarryMinati is raising on fame on and on with his new video and became the topic of the town but now there is a musical-rap video album titled ‘Yalgaar Ho’.

The video was released yesterday and garnered 12M views just in 12 hours. It is a huge achievement and liked by 9.2M users. In the comment section of the video, his fans are thrilled with the response. Everybody just talking about CarryMinati and roasting TikTok & TikTokers. The song & lyrics by CarryMinati and composed & produced by Wily Frenzy. CarryMinati is just 20 and has garnered a lot of love and success in this age it is really admirable. Stay tuned to get the latest updates from India and around the world

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