‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Season 2 Release Date Time And Where To Watch Revealed!

The next season of the most popular and amazing television series is all set to release very soon on the television network to provide the viewers with a bunched pack of super fun and entertainment which is fully packed in the series. The amazing and tremendous upcoming web series named ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Season 2 is ready to premiere very soon on Kocowa, Rakuten Viki. The audiences and spectators are eagerly waiting for the series to grasp the full feel of fun and entertainment which is fully packed in this and surely it will give goosebumps with lots of romance to all the viewers while witnessing it. The makers are also super excited and nervous about releasing the new series of the actor which comes with lots of thrill and romance. Stick with us to grasp all the updates and information about this.


After the end of the first season of the series, the viewers and spectators are wondering and anticipating the next season of the Dali and Cocky Prince. The series has a sweet spot in spectators’ hearts because of its completely beautiful love story of Da Li and Moo Hak. It revolves around the story of bright but poor girl Kim Da Li and nouveau riche Jin Moo Hak. Destiney draws the two mutual, tanglings their destiny as the two drop in love with each other. Yet though they face many barriers, in the conclusion, their love overcomes every examination, giving a heart-fluttering love tale.

Talking about the ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Season 2 Storyline then the upcoming season will come with the ending story of the first season which implies that the story and connection of the sweetness marriage life of Da Li and Moo Hak will continue. Also, there will be a tale of points about Cheongsong Gallery, and Dondon F & B. As both performed significant roles in the first season and after all, Da Li is the administrator of Cheongsong while Moo Hak is of Dondon F & B. Now, it’s really happening and interesting to see that what will happen in the new season of the series.

The ‘Dali And Cocky Prince’ Season 2 Release Date is still not shared by the makers and the creators of the series but it is expected that the series will premiere in the second half of 2023 at the earliest or the first half of 2024. The first season was premiered on 22nd September 2021 and concluded on 11 November 2021 and collected an amazing fanbase. Now, let’s see when will be the second season of the series will come, till then stay tuned with us.

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