Punjabi It’s My Time Song Full Hd Video New Track of Sukhy Maan Ft. Himanshi Khurana

Punjabi It’s My Time Song Full Hd Video New Track of Sukhy Maan Ft. Himanshi Khurana: How the teaser of this Punjabi song is recalling the past memory of cute love. The song “It’s My Time” embodies Sukhy Maan Ft. Himanshi Khurana. How the Punjabi songs have created the splash in the hearts of whole people who are living throughout the world. People are continuing to preferring Punjabi songs bit by bit, As it has become a daily routine for them. The song “It’s My Time” has been sung by Sukhy Maan, and is being considered that the has been composed by Vinder Nathumajra and the Lyrics have been given by the same personality.

It’s My Time Full Song Video

“It’s My Time” song will be released with its appropriate alluring video on 25 November 2019. How these Punjabi songs are making this contemporary generation very standard. Nowadays the CD of Punjabi songs is being sold like a hot cake. It is also inescapable that the song has been Projected by Hardeep Maan.

The song is going to launch tomorrow on 25 November 2019 with fair and square. It is a pleasure for knowing that the broadcast of this song has been designed by Roop Kamal Singh and Managed by Munish Vohra, Seven Chahal. How this top-notch Punjabi song is featuring Himanshi Khurana.

“The song is having such an alluring lyrics which are too captivating for all who love to watch Sukhy Maan’s video songs. How this song is considered as recalling the past loving memory of love as Himanshi Khurana’s portrayal has been shown in this song”. 

And the credit for best Photography is gone to Ardaas Film Studio, Tasveeran Arts. How these Punjabi songs are making their place under the core of the hearts throughout the world rapidly. And also The Punjabi singers do not leave any stone unturned to launch their top-notch Dhamakedar Punjabi songs. What are you waiting for? don’t waste your precious time while waiting, go and check the whole details that at what time this song will be released online.

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