MTV Love School Season 4

MTV Love School 4 20th July 2019 Episode Updates HD Video Watch Online

MTV Love School 4 20th July 2019 Episode Updates HD Video Watch Online: The show starts with new excitement and freshness, all the Contestants get a message from love School 4 Profes+sors Karan-Anusha and then they all go to Task location. When they enter in Task location Anusha-Karan standing over there and welcomes them. Karan said that tonight we all are doing Ticket to Finale task and you all have to prove your love and do some gesture to fulfill your Future swishes but for this, you all have to go alone in a camp and without knowing your partner decision you have to make your decision and complete all the Gesture. Love School 4 Female Contestant

Love School 4 20th July 2019 Episode Updates

Then all the contestants go separated in a camp and then tell them about three gestures, in first they have to upload a photo in their social media Account with love messages. Second, call their parents and tell them about their relationships with their partners after this, in the last gesture they have to do a permanent Tattoo of their partner name. All the contestant gets shocked to see that Gesture but it’s their decision to do gestures or Not? Love School 4 Contestants List

Finally, all the contestants are starts doing their Gestures to win the task, some are doing this very positively but some are getting very nervous because they don’t know their Family Reaction. In the middle of the task, Karan-Anusha meets contestants and helps them to make their decisions.

Sunny is looking very confident about their relationship and they complete all three gestures with full positively or happily on the other side Manpreet is looking quite upset and she starts crying in front of Anusha because she doesn’t know her Father reaction on this.

Gizelle-Ramiz is also looking very confused on permanent Tattoo Gesture but they do first two Gestures very positively. When Aashima tells their parents about her and Ali relationship her parents doesn’t support her.

Well, after the task all the contestants come and then Karan-Anusha said now reveal all the Gesture and we will see that who wins the Love School Season 4, Ticket to Finale. One by One contestant reveal their Gesture but in some partners don’t do one Gesture or some don’t do two. Only Manpreet-Sunny completes all the Gesture and is the Winner of Ticket to Finale so, they are in Finale and tonight you all will see that who will get eliminated? And which couple saves by Karan-Anusha?

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