MTV Love School Season 4

MTV Love School 4 6th July 2019 Episode Updates HD Video Watch Online

MTV Love School 4 6th July 2019 Episode Updates HD Video Watch Online: The show starts with Mukta and Sagar love confess after so many fights finally Sagar is with Mukta and dumb Africa, Then the new love story starts in love School 4. After the ‘Save your Love’ Task eliminated contestants waiting in the judgment night session and then eliminated couples Manpreet and Sunny, Gizelle and Rishabh. The entire safe contestants vote for eliminated contestants and then Karan Kundra asks them about their result. Gizelle and RIshabh get saved, everyone votes against Manpreet and Sunny. But after open the black box Karan said that your last task name is ‘You’re your Love’ so, how do you think about that we eliminate any contestant from Love School Season 4. Love School 4 Female Contestant

MTV Love School 4 6th July 2019 Episode

then in the next day, all the couples go to next task location and said that in this task you have to write something special for your partner in letters. All the contestants get ready and write love messages for their partners. After this Love Professors Karan and Anusha said that now say this message very loudly in front of everyone. All the contestants read messages and make their partner evening very special but Rishabh write one latter and they add Mukta and Africa names in that letter. Rishabh said I love you to Mukta and she also confesses her love in front of everyone. Then everyone goes back to School. Love School 4 Contestants List

Mukta said for tomorrow task who is your partner? Then Rishabh said he will choose her and play task with her. Next day in the task location contestants sees that the love professors Karan and Anusha are waiting for them. Then Karan said that tonight you all will do the physical task and for this, you have to choose your partner.

Everyone chooses their partner but when Karan said to Rishabh that there is two option for you Mukta and Africa and one girl will go today in on the spot elimination. Then Rishabh comes and he chooses Africa and everyone gets shocked to see that he choose her and lose Mukta. Mukta slaps him in front of everyone and leave the show.

Well, tonight you all will see another episode of Love School Season 4 and get entertain so, what’s the reaction of Housemates after seeing Rishabh choice? You all get this tonight till then stay tuned with us.

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