Bigg Boss Marathi 2

Marathi Bigg Boss 3 Elimination: ChecK Who Will Be Evicted From BB3 Marathi?

You all know that the Marathi Bigg Boss 3 is telecasted on the television in last weekend and Audiences like this show in very big numbers, after the first successful season Marathi Bigg Boss 2 is again come to the television to entertain Audiences with new and different Celebs. Also, the show is looking very good and excited this year.

The host Mahesh Manjrekar introduces all the celebrities to Audiences and said that this year they all are living in the Bigg Boss House and entertain you with their talent also who is giving tuff competition to contestants and what type of fight starts here you all get this when you see the Marathi Bigg Boss 3.

The show is gets started and all the contestants are living in the house.  You all know that in the Marathi Bigg Boss contestants are voting for each other to eliminate them and for the Elimination every weekend Bigg Boss does this work with a game. So, this weekend also elimination round is starting and contestants are eliminated each other for the behavior of the first week. You all know that this year we have seen many famous celebs in the Bigg Boss 2 and here the name.

In this weekend the show host Mahesh Manjrekar gives a surprise to the contestants. All the contestants are waiting for the result that who is getting eliminated from the house in this weekend but Mahesh Manjrekar said this is the first weekend of Bigg Boss season 3 and no one is going to eliminate this weekend this a gift for you.

So, all the eliminated contestants are happy to know that no one is going home but on the second weekend, one has to go home and forgets to save from the elimination they have to impress Audiences.

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