Bigg Boss Marathi 2

Marathi Bigg Boss Season 3 Voting Online: How to Vote Through Missed Call Number?

Marathi Bigg Boss is the biggest hit and popular show of Marathi television and after the First successful season, the makers come again with the third season. So the show is looking very good and celebs go inside the Bigg Boss house and start playing their games. There are many contestants who are come from the Movies, television faces and much more but they all have different personalities. So, who will give the Tuff competition and which contestants stoles the Audiences hearts? You all get this after watching the show.

You all know that in the first weekend of Marathi Bigg Boss 3 the host Mahesh Manjrekar declared that this weekend we don’t eliminate any contestants because this is the first week for you but in the second elimination round contestants will get eliminated from the house so to get safe impress Audiences and show the real side of yourself.

Well, we all know that Audiences are wants to do votes for their favorite contestants to save them and there are many methods of Voting but people don’t know about them, so we are here to give you information about how you do vote for Bigg Boss 2 and save your favorite contestants. So, they are all methods of live voting for Marathi Bigg Boss Season 2.

Online Voting by Voot app

Well, if you want to vote online in Marathi Bigg Boss 3 then you do vote by Voot app and saves your favorite contestants.

First, you have to download the Voot app in your android mobile and log in with your number.

Then Click the Marathi Bigg Boss season 3 icons and clicks the Online Vote icon.

After this when you click online Vote icon all the celebrities faces come in your screen with their names and which contestants want you to save click in his Image.

And then do your vote and Save him.

Voting By Missed Call-

Well, if you’re not an android user and you want to do vote for your favorite contestants then you give a missed call to a number which is given by Marathi Bigg Boss 3 community and they will add code in every contestant’s number. Then you identified your favorite contestant number and then vote for them by giving a Missed call.

Voting By Message-

If you want to do vote by Message then this method is also required. First, you have to go in your Mobile inbox and then type the code of your favorite contestants which is given by the Marathi Bigg Boss 2 community and then send that message to a number which is given by show. After this, you do vote for your favorite contestants and save your favorite contestants from the eviction.

Well, this is all three methods of Voting in the Marathi Bigg Boss season 3 and if you want any information and latest updates about the show then stay tuned with us and scroll our page more.

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