Feinstein Responds to Questions About her Absence From Washington

Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein is currently running in the trend of the news and internet sites. She is an American politician who is serving as the Senior US senator from California and she is mostly known as Dianne Feinstein. Recently, she responded to some queried about her vanish from Washington in an interview and now this news became a topic of discussion. This news attracts the interest of many people who are now curious to know more about this interview and her absence from Washington. In this article, we shared what happened to her and some more information related to herself.

Feinstein Responds to Questions

As per the exclusive sources and information, she replied with bizarre answers when the reporter questioned bout her absence. She claimed that she had not been gone when the reporter asked about her absence from Congress and she returned after a month of long medical leave because she recovered her health from the shingles virus and this raised lots of questions related to her health and ability to continue serving in government. She especially mentions the problem with her leg and she said that left her leg in the body she feels better in the long exchange with reporters. Scroll down to know in detail.

Feinstein Responds to Questions

Another reporter asked about the good wishes that she received from her loved ones since her return. She asked, “What have I heard about what?” to which the reporter replied, “About your return,”. Then she said that “I haven’t been gone,” she said. “You should … I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working.” The report questioned “You’ve been working from home is what you’re saying?” and she replies “No, I have been here. I’ve been voting. Please, either know or don’t know.” Later she sits on her wheelchair and did not respond to any question. It is also shared that this interview was completed in around 1 minute and she also reveals her health condition or her workload in this interview.

She was born on 22 June 1933 in San Francisco, California, United States and she is currently 89 years old. She is an American politician and she served as the Vice Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee from 3 January 2015 to 3 January 2017. She also served as the chair of the Senate Rules Committee. She finished her education at Stanford University and gained a degree of Bachelors in Arts. She married three times and she is the mother of one child named Katherine. Stay linked with dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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