Former UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Chokes Man Out In Street Fight

Nate Diaz is an American professional mixed martial artist whose news is on trending on various social media platforms. His video is going viral on the internet. People are searching g about his huge quantities. According to the reports, fighter Nate Diaz chokes a man out during the News Orleans street fight. After being in the spotlight, one’s private life is made public on social media. people want to know about Nate Diaz.

There are many questions are raised, after this fight. Why he did?  What was the cause of the fighting? Why he chokes man? After searching for this news, here we are sharing full detail about this fight. If you want to know more so, continue with this page till the end.

Nate Diaz Chokes Man Out In Street

Nate Diaz Chokes Man Out In Street

According to the local reports, it is saying that Diza got into a fight outside Cresent City Pizza Works on the Street. In the viral video, you can see Diaz as he is fighting with a man. It is also seen, the fighter Diaz grabbed that man and put that man in a headlock. The fighter, Diaz kept that man’s, arm around his neck. Further, Nate Diaz laid that man on the ground. On this incident, Michael Benson writes on their Twitter account that “!! Nate Diaz choked a man out in a street fight after attending his teammate Chris Avila’s fight on the Misfits Boxing show in New Orleans last night.

Who Is Nate Diaz?

Nathan Donald Diaz is born on April 16, 1985, he is an American professional mixed martial artist. Moreover, he is currently a free agent. According to the sources, he is most known for his time spent fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). After winning The Ultimate Fighter 5, he fought for over 15 years. Further, Diaz has the third Ufc bouns awards, with 16 in total. If we talk about his career, at the age of 17, on July 20, 2022, he completed a bare-knuckle MMA fight against Robert Limon. In 2006, at WEC 24, he fought for the WEC Lightweight Championship against then-champion Hermes Franca, losing by submission in the second round.

His video went viral. Nate Diaz beat Tony Ferguson by submission on September 10, 2022. In the UFC, it was his last fight. As per the results, Diaz canceled to sign another contract with UFC. He has no more interest to work with UFC. In a boxing match on August 5 in Dallas, he decide to fight social media star turned pro boxer, Jake Paul. If we get other important information about his fight, we will post it on the same site.

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