Google may face over $400 million Indonesia tax bill for 2015 – govt official

The biggest search engine “Google” has been drown on backfoot after the officials of the Indonesia Tax Department announced that they Google might have to pay the huge amount of $400 million for 2015 if it will be found guilty of avoiding the taxes.


Muhammad Hanif, head of the tax office.’ who has plenty of experience in handling the special cases informed media wing that ” on Monday our department has investigated the local branch of Google in Indonesia.”

Meanwhile, the Google Indonesia responded to it and told media side that ” we will cooperate with the inquiry of Tax department but we would like to make clear one thing, we have paid all the taxes.

Hanif made that if Google is found guilty then they will have to pay the four times of the total unpaid amount and after calculations, the four-time of due payment for the year 2015 reached up to around $418 millions. Although, Hanif avoided declaring the total due of 5 years.

The Google Google Asia Pacific, which is the headquarter of Goggle in Singapore has completed denied about the fact of any audit done in the month of June, and they asked the tax department to escalate the case into criminal proceedings.

Hanif reacted to this and applauded his voice by quoting that ” Google is arguing that they have done tax planning but they forget that tax planning is legal but aggressive tax planning is illegal.

And, now Hanif will approach the Indonesia Police, and they will move further in the case. Although it will not be good for Google, if they will be proved guilty of Tax avoiding.