Google Working On A New Operating System named ‘Fuschia’

Google is working on a new Operating system with the name Fuchsia. Hitherto google has came up with the operating system like chrome and Android that have been functioning quite well and has catered to almost majority of the requirement of the users but looks like Google wants to try something new and is working on this third operating system.


According to the code repository that appeared both on google source as well as Github, it will be operating on variety of the devices and has been named as Fuchsia. It is going to use the custom version of little kernel called “Magneta” and this custom version will be further tuned so that it is compatible for latest desktops and smart phones.

The inner core of Magneta will be made up of little Kernel while the layers above the core is going to be new. Take for example Magneta can process while the latter one i.e little Kernel doesn’t process. To make the Magneta process LK kevel construct is used like threads and memory.

Moreover, reports also suggest that Fuchsia will be using Google’s Dart programming language (it is quite easy to use and can be deployed anywhere, to make very large apps) and apart from that company is also using their own Material design friendly “Flutter use interface framework”. Flutter is a new project of google that aid the helpers in developing high performance, high fidelity mobile apps for both iOs as well as android based deviced with the help of a single codebase.

For now these are just rumors and one has to wait for a while to know what exactly we will be having in our hands once google officially announce this project. Whenever developers will officially unveil this project we will update our readers.  Let’s see how long we have to wait to witness this project.