Greater Noida University Student Kills Classmate on Campus, CCTV Footage

In a horrifying incident that happened in Greater Noida on the university campus, a student killed his girlfriend and after shooting her, the student shot himself. The news storm on the internet has shocked people. The incident occurred on the university campus before the students and students witnessed the tragedic scene of the shooting and are stunned after the incident. The CCTV footage of the shooting is viral and has horrified people so much. The families of the students are devastated after receiving the painful news. We are sharing with you the whole story of the incident. So be with us till the end to know about the tragedic incident that occurred in Greater Noida.

Student kills woman classmate

The painful incident that has shattered the people is from Shiv Nadar University located in Greater Noida. It has been reported that a 21-year-old student has been shot dead by her fellow student. According to the sources, both students were having a conversation near the dining hall and the boy who has been identified as Anuj Singh fired at her twice. The girl has been identified as Sneha Chourasiya and was from Kanpur. The boy’s family lives in Amroha. Both were final-year students of B.A Sociology. Both the students were 21 years old and were residing in campus hostels.

Greater Noida University Student Kills Classmate

The CCTV footage has horrified people. As per the sources, the students were good friends but in the past time, they were having some disputes. CCTV footage revealed that they were outside the dining hall and having a conversation. The conversation was smooth as it is appearing in the footage. They can be seen even hugging each other. The boy is offering a gift pack which the girl is refusing and after that, the boy took a pistol from his bag and shot her in the abdomen and chest. The woman died on the spot. After hearing the gunshot, the students rushed to the site. Anuj ran towards the hostel room.

The students informed the police about the shooting and the girl was rushed to Yatharth Hospital where she was declared brought dead. In few moments after reaching the hostel room, the boy Anuj shot himself and died on the spot. It has also been reported that Anuj sent a video to the college authorities that he has been diagnosed with third-stage brain cancer and broken inside. His video also claims that he wanted to punish Sneha as he can not trust her. Both were in a relationship and were often seen together as per the students. The families of both students have been informed. The police are investigating further. Stay tuned.

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