Hampton Double Shooting: Benita Mozelle and Troy James Shot and Killed Footage

The frightening news that we are sharing has been reported from Hampton, Virginia, United States. Again a shooting incident has shattered the people. The horrifying incident claimed the lives of two people. The incident of a double shooting has devastated the concerned families and the loved ones of the victims. The terrifying incident took place on Tuesday morning in Hampton and has left the people in shock. The victims have been identified by the police and the information about them has been revealed by the police. We are providing you with the details of the information and about proceedings that are ongoing after this shooting incident in Hampton, so stay with us.

Benita Mozelle

It has been reported that a shooting occurred in the 400 block of Allegheny Road in Hampton. The shooting took place near the intersection of Victoria Boulevard near Hunter B. Andrews PreK-8 School. The incident took place at around 1 am. The police officials received a call regarding the shooting. When the police officers reached the site of the shooting, they found two people dead on the spot. It was discovered that one woman and a man were lying dead on the road. The police started an investigation of the nearby residents.

Hampton double Shooting

An anonymous neighbour told that she heard the gunfire but did not hear any kind of screaming or any sound so she thought it must be in the air by somebody. So she did not acknowledge it and went to sleep. She woke up when police were before her house for investigation and came to know about the incident. The woman was shocked by the incident and also scared as shootings are becoming common. The deceased woman was identified as Benita J. Mozelle who was 42 years old and the killed man was Troy L. James, 26.

The deceased woman was a resident of Hampton and the man belonged to Newport as per the reports. The police officials after the initial investigations have come to the point that there must be a verbal conflict that leads to the shooting, but it is not clear till now. The police officials have appealed to the public to assist them and requested them to provide any sort of information about the suspect of the murder. The police also denied about any information about the relationship between the two killed victims.

The horrifying incident has shocked the friends and loved ones of the victims. It has been revealed that Benita J. Mozelle was a dancer and content creator as shared on the posts shared by her friends. Friends are sharing their heartfelt sentiments on media platforms and praying for her. The police are searching for the suspect in the double shooting. Further information is awaited. Stay tuned.

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