Here are the six new features added to Google Maps

Here are the six new features added to Google Maps: The Google Maps is one of the most popular services of the tech giant which is also turned to be famous from time to time and the new features keep coming in, for the sake of the public.

Recently, Google updated the Maps design with their Material Theme which has been having a refurbished set up which gives the cool look to the app.

The interface overall has a plenty of the white elements in it. The search bar also received rounded corners and the buttons have stadium shape as an alternative of the regular rectangular shape.

The Product Sans also changed The fonts which are used for most of the text elements at the same time, those icons also looks different.

Though, there is no important change implies in the Transit and Driving section of the app.

The chief changes can be witnessed in the Explorer screen — the categories icons are now rounded and colorful. For the dissimilar restaurant, there’s a scrolling carousel, which is a featured public list also maintain.

Delving deeper into the app disclosed that the lists and the addition of dissimilar event timings for the list of forthcoming events nearby.

In the explorer section, there are some groups, which can help you out in searching for food, things to do, services, and shopping.

Further, you can now expand any list in order to know more about its locality and who created that list.

Apart from that there are many other options like follow, share and know in order to know more about it.

Events section can now be filtered by time and location, unless, people can also search through hotels and restaurants about the Google app.

Almost all the elements of the Google Maps has been changed to the Material Theme look and feel which is the only thing that was missing from the I/O was the “For You” section that is yet to go live and we may have to wait until the next release of the app will be coming.