How Long Will Your Body Take In Getting Adjusted To a New Mattress


Mattresses are made to help you sleep comfortably at night. There are different kinds of mattresses available these days. This has left a lot of options for the purchasers to buy a mattress as per your need and requirement. However, changing a mattress more often is not a good option. As, this may lead to a lot of discomfort and adjustment issue.

It is due to this reason, you should always take time, do a full-fledged research and then buy a mattress so that you don’t have to regret your decision later and think over buying a new one.  For example, memory foam mattress ratings will suggest that it is the best mattress that you should buy. Such sort of ratings will give you a conviction that you have bought the right mattress. Also, it leaves no room for you to make a wrong decision, which you would curse later in life.

In case you have purchased a new mattress and you are not sure of the time that you may take to get used-to that mattress, then here are a few things that will provide you the answers.

  1. Adjustment period

Adjustment period is the time that you usually take in getting used to the new mattress that you have purchased by discarding the old one. It usually ranges differently for different people. For some people, it may take a night or a week while for others it may be a month or even longer. It basically depends upon the adaptability of your body to the new mattress.

  1. Reasons why you may not like your new mattress

There are possibly a lot of reasons which may hold you back from liking the newly purchased mattress like

  • One possible reason for disliking or taking a very long time to adjust to your new mattress is the wrong choice of it. You should not make such a mistake if you plan to buy a mattress. Also, sometimes you may make a quick decision and may not have given enough time to your mattress to suit you and asked the seller to take it back. This case must also be avoided.
  • Another possible reason is that you already have developed a habit of sleeping on one kind of mattress. Your body will take time to adapt to the new base. In this case, you should be a bit patient and allow your body to adjust to your new mattress.
  • Keeping too many expectations from your new mattress is another reason which will lead to a lot of disappointment. The new support and feel will take time to get into your body so keeping high expectations will not do any good to you.


Every good thing takes time to fit in. Similarly, your new mattress will take some time to fit into the feel of your body. One thing that you should do is give it time to adjust to your body and then you can get a good, peaceful and comfortable sleep.