Facebook – New Video App for Watching Facebook Videos on TV

Facebook – New Video App for Watching Facebook Videos on TV :- On Tuesday, tech giant Facebook announced that the company plans to introduce new apps to its customers. People can see videos that are posted on the social networking sites on connected Television sets with the help of these apps. The company has made sure that the new apps will also provide more convenient ways for large screen views.

The apps would be for Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV as well as for the Samsung Smart TV. This would be one of the most convenient methods for users to watch videos fo Facebook onTVs.

Consistently, the tech giant Facebook updates its features to give the users the best experience of using the online social networking site. By announcing this type of apps for video, Facebook wants to compete with the YouTube owned by Google or this could also be Netflix type of streaming services too. Usage of the video apps makes it simpler for users to view as well as share the video generated by users.

With the help of the app, one can watch videos shared by friends or pages one follow, top live videos from around the world, and recommended videos based on your interests.

Facebook also added that it plans to roll out various applications for its Samsung, Amazon and Apple users. Facebook stated that the company is modifying the video playback for the users. Users can hear or listen to the sound while the video is playing. If the user does not want to listen to the playback music playing, then he or she would have to silence the device.