Increasing Instagram Engagement

Given that Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, it should come as no surprise that many businesses are creating profiles in an effort to reach new customers. The site offers a wealth of opportunities for building brand identity and connecting with users, but it’s not just a matter of creating a profile and waiting around for followers to show up. It takes work to increase Instagram engagement.


What Is Instagram Engagement?

When marketers and others talk about Instagram engagement, they’re not referring to a specific metric but a fluid concept. To most experts, Instagram engagement rates are defined by the number and quality of likes, shares, comments, and follows garnered by a user’s posts. The simplest calculation involves adding up the number of likes and comments on a post and then dividing it by the number of a user’s followers.

Why Are Engagement Rates Important?

This metric allows users to get an idea of how frequently their followers interact with their content, which is just as important as how many followers a user has. Getting an idea of where a business stands in terms of engagement rates makes it easier to create an effective marketing plan. If the profile is brand-new, chances are good that posts will need a little boost to get engagement rates off the ground. Creators can purchase verified Instagram likes, views, and followers by seeking out the best deal online.

Average Engagement Rates

Average engagement rates on Instagram range from one to five percent depending on the industry. Of course, most users want to aim high, but even an engagement rate of 1% is nothing to scoff at. Content creators who want to take the extra step can also use advanced formulas for calculating engagement rates to get a better grasp of where they stand.

Tips for Increasing Instagram Engagement

The good news for business owners and influencers is that because Instagram has been around for a while, there are already some tried-and-true methods for boosting engagement rates. Start by following the tips below.

  1. Time Posts Well

It makes little sense to post new content continually because that strategy will drive users away instead of drawing them in. However, most experts do recommend posting at least once a day, and major brands sometimes post three times a day or more. Timing those daily posts is also crucial. Most brands benefit the most from posting around lunchtime on weekdays since that’s when most users are taking breaks and checking their phones.

  1. Use Hashtags Wisely

Using Instagram hashtags can help users reach broader audiences, making it possible to get more likes and followers. Finding the right hashtags to reach a target audience requires some work, though. 

Start by researching competitors, influencers, and the target audience to see which hashtags are most common and popular in a specific niche. Find a few relevant and popular hashtags to add to posts and avoid the temptation to fill the entire caption with them. While it’s true that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, less is usually more.

  1. Create Thoughtful Captions

Instagram captions provide context to content and make it easier to engage with audiences. Captions that encourage viewers to get involved are the best bet. Try asking questions or requesting that users post their own experiences in the comments section, then be sure to follow up. Making a brand’s followers feel like their opinions are being heard is a good way to build trust and improve a company’s image in addition to boosting engagement rates.

  1. Use Instagram Stories

While it’s true that Instagram stories don’t factor into most engagement rate calculations, they still play an essential role in boosting engagement. Instagram Stories help to keep existing followers engaged by providing them with more spontaneous-feeling, personable content. It’s also fair game to include a link to other Instagram posts or online stores.

  1. Run Contests or Giveaways

Business owners who want to encourage their followers not just to stay engaged but also to draw in friends, family, and coworkers can benefit substantially from running a few contests or giveaways. Just find a prize that would appeal to the target audience, then make entry into the contest contingent on activities such as liking photos, tagging friends, or following accounts. It can also be helpful for newcomers to the site to promote contests or giveaways through Instagram ads.

The First Steps

For those who are completely new to Instagram, all of this information and advice may sound overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be, though. Take the first steps towards increased engagement rates and improved brand recognition by working with an Instagram growth service and implementing just one or two of the techniques described above, evaluate the results, then go from there.

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