Indian Junior Hockey Team open with 3-1 win vs Dinamo Stroitel in EurAsia Cup

The desi sports of India “Hockey” has been prominent sports event in the history of India but it has never been appreciated for the contribution which this sport has done in making the country’s name across the Globe.


Although, once again this sport has given the Indian to celebrate and to feel proud. As you guys, all know that Indian Junior men’s Hockey team currently participates in EurAsia Cup championship.

The latest news is coming out that India ahs started heir Eur-Asia tournament with a win against the Dinamo Stroitel by the 3-1 victory.

That match was a closed one as none of the team was looking to break the deadlock but then India came close and finally won the match on the back of the penalties in the last 15 minutes.

Both the teams were goalless in the first half time. Meanwhile, the goalkeeper of Dinamo put his heart out to kept the Indian team out of the goals but Indians were too good for hi.

Although, Dinamo also got the chance to score the goal but they were not able to cash the opportunities. In the later half match, India came strongly and dominated the whole match after the half time.

Varun Kumar scored the first goal in the 44th minute of the match and gave his team a lead. Soon after, Simranjeet Singh scored another goal in the 45th minute to give his team the lead of 2-0.

The last goal was scored by the Vikramjeet and at that time India was leading the scoreboard by 3-0. Then, L Alexander from the Dinamo team scored a consolation goal for his team and gave their team a moment to celebrate.

India must be feeling proud and happy from that win and now they have winning momentum with them which will help them, in the upcoming matches in this tournament.

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