Indonesia: Crashed Lion Air Jet’s Voice Recorder is found

Indonesia: Crashed Lion Air Jet’s Voice Recorder is found: Reports are coming that the search effort worked out for the Indonesian search team as they have found something worthwhile. Yes! They have located the voice recorder of the cockpit of a lost and crashed Lion Air jet. As you all might know that it was crashed back in October at Java Sea, an Indonesian area. The investigation for the black box was on-going since the accident.

Also, the Ridwan Djamaluddin, a deputy maritime minister, said that the agency investigating the crash that killed 189 people. Overall, the whole thing is very serious and the deputy minister has claimed that they have found the lost recorder box. They said, “We got confirmation this morning from the National Transportation Safety Committee’s chairman”.

Even the reports are suggesting that the Human remains were also discovered at the seabed location.  It’s been total 3-4 month since the brutal accident. The 2-month-old Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet plunged into the Java Sea just minutes after taking off from Jakarta on Oct. 29, killing everyone on board. Overall, whole things disturbed but the searching operation is still going on.

Some reports are suggesting that the voice recorder is undamaged. If they will listen what it has inside it then it could provide valuable additional information to investigators. Also, the reports are coming the Lion Air crash was the worst airline disaster in Indonesia since 1997, when 234 people died on a Garuda flight near Medan. Also, It has been expanding aggressively in Southeast Asia, a fast-growing region of more than 600 million people.