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Interview with Blogger and Affiliate Marketer Tarun Gautam

Tarun Gautam’s life story is like any other individual, but his Story is unique and inspiring. This story is a small synopsis of his career that will help you to Inspiration and lot of Ideas too.

Name: Tarun Gautam

Profession: Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Founder of many Websites.

Location: Saharanpur , UP, India


About the man:

Tarun Gautam  is just like any other ordinary individual, who has done his studies like a regular boy. Apart from being a blogger, he is an affiliate marketer and an online entrepreneur. Tarun started his blog with a vision that this blog will help him to get a good job after 4 years in Placement Drives after completing his Engineering. Tarun started his journey back in 2013 June with his first ever blog which got huge popularity and awarded as a Page Rank (PR) 4 by Google.

This blog helped him gaining a lot of Buzz in his friend circle in College as well in his City. After that Tarun started working on so many ideas and Niche and had created lot of Websites after RunHits.

Tarun is doing Engineering in Information Technology from a college in Roorkee. He soon will complete his Engineering and has already started working on his own Startup and has built his own team in small office in his hometown. It’s not that simple as it looks, there were many bad months which Tarun has faced in his career and thought of leaving the Blogging.But you all know that Bloggers are habitual of these situation and they know the way to deal with such situations. While doing Blogging Tarun has started learning about Affiliate Marketing, CPA, Paid Traffic Sources, Ecommerce Business and you will be surprised that now his major income comes from Affiliate.

When we asked him about his earning he said “ Money is important and yes everyone wants to know other people Earning but I don’t like sharing my income.Big people like I also follow many people who are in my industry or even who are not in our industry and they had never revealed their exact incomes.I had seen lot of Interviews about Ambani’s, Ratan Tata and many other people but no one exactly knows the number like how much they make per month. But still I can reveal lil bit that I am making Six Figures earning every month and I am  happy with my work.Although there is always a space to learn and perform better “

Motivational Message from Tarun Gautam:

The first thing that ran in my mind when I read about Tarun Gautam is True Hard Worker, Instead of leaving Blogging when he faced very tough situations he started learning new ways to make money online and he Succeeded.

Although his vision was to get a good job by impressing recruiters in Placement Drive but he ended up recruiting his own batch mates. Thats how life can give you a surprise .

When we ask Tarun to share some motivational Message to our audience Tarun said “ Everyone remember one Shahrukh khan who reaches Bombay , But what about others ??
There is no point coming at second position because people will remember only the first person who did it “

He also said “If you want something from your life then only you can support yourself because you are the only person on this Earth who knows all your Potentials “