Is it legal to play the lottery online in India?

India is a country with many different religions and languages. There are many different laws also. Betting and gambling are the most confusing laws here. Therefore most people remain confused about the legality of betting.

Many of the gambling games are legal there but when it comes to the online lotteries then it appears that there is no specific law for this.

Lottery laws in India

India is a country with several states. Legal laws vary state by state here. The question here is that is it legal to play the lottery online in India? Like you can check famous lottery sambad Then let me tell you that there are currently 13 states that allow lottery while the rest of the states have banned them.

Supreme Court of India gave jurisdiction in 2015 in which it allowed solitary states to make their laws about lotteries whether to allow or disallow them. These states have their lotteries and lottery playing rules like fair draws and regulations of the particular games. These rules also vary from state to state. Here is the list of states that allow lotteries

“Arunachal Pradesh India, Assam India, Goa India, Kerala India, Madhya PradeshIndia,

MaharashtraIndia, ManipurIndia, MeghalayaIndia, MizoramIndia, NagalandIndia

Punjab Sikkim India, West Bengal India.”

Online lottery laws

Although 13 states allow the purchase of Indian lotteries but only a few of them allow the online purchase of these lotteries. Only 5 states that include “Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, West Bengal, and Maharashtra” allow the online purchase of lottery tickets. These laws also apply over the international lotteries to be played in India. Also you can check online lottery sambad today results like others.

Purchase of online lottery tickets

As online lottery is legal in India with few restrictions many of the lottery agents are present here but they are not trusted by the people due to the payment issues. Consequently, every state that allows this has its website. This website is a source of information about where and you can purchase the tickets and more relevant information.

Sikkim state website play wins that is the most famous platform in India has a website that provides all the information about results and users can also enjoy the purchase options here. All the users other than those which are from banned states can purchase online tickets here.

Also, several lottery agents are present that provide international lottery tickets online.

Punishment in case of playing the lottery in banned states

The lottery is illegal in other states like Tamil Nadu if you still play a game there and you receive a winning amount in your bank account then you have to pay a tax from the winning amount. You need to declare it first. The tax will be 30% of the total winning amount.

If anyone found in selling or promoting lotteries in the banned states then he will be subject to a punishment of a term that can go up to 2 years.

International lottery laws

Any international lottery site is not banned there as any amount you have earned from the sources which are out of the country does not come under the Indian tax laws. No tax is payable on the prize you get from the international lottery according to Indian tax laws. This money can be used in India in the form of any investment that is legal.

International lotteries provide benefit to the people even in the states which have banned land-based lotteries. For these people buying international lotteries from international websites is still an option available. Therefore ban laws are not much effective still, because people enjoy the online options.

Security and guarantee for online lotteries

In banned states, many illegal lotteries also came into existence. These people are mostly a scam. In such conditions buying online lottery is much safer as it comes with many certificates and guarantees. Therefore there is very little chance of losing money in buying online lotteries.


Online lotteries are a daily need and best option for the people who live in a state where the lottery is illegal. You can go and buy international lottery tickets as people have got a winning amount of more the 30 million $ prize through international platforms.

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