Kevin Pietersen’s view about the IPL games

Kevin Pietersen, one of the most celebrated overseas IPL player paced his opinion about the Indian Premier League along with his memories in the gameplay. Kevin was regarded as one of the highest-paid players of the IPL, who was bought by none other than the Royal Challengers Bangalore at £1.1m in the year 2009. He has got a record of scoring 1,000 runs in 37 IPL matches. His performance has grabbed the attention of the millions wherein he has got a record of captaining both the Delhi and the Bangalore teams.

Kevin has got a really good performance so far, and that’s the sole reason for which he could win the hearts of many. He is extremely dedicated and focused at work, and that’s the reason for which fans shower all their love upon him. Of course, he deserves all of it!

Well, on an interview with Betway Cricket, he placed his overview about the Indian Premier League as well as mentioned the things that seemed to be best according to him here in India. He even spoke about his time training and his bonding with some of our imminent Indian players like Sehwag and Kohli. His conversation wasn’t only limited till the field but he also talked about the diversification of India and all that he liked out here. He said that something that attracted him really strong was none other than the culture of the country.

Through the interview, we also got to know about his view about the competition. He said that he had a really nice experience with the Indian players while he was desperate to take part in the match before it started all over again. Not just this, he shared his experience in sharing the dressing room with our Indian heroes, Virat Kohli and Virender Sehwag. He also talked about the financial benefits playing in the IPL but at the same time, he didn’t miss to mention about the tremendous pressure that took over him prior to the match. He didn’t just stop over there. He also shared his experience about his feeling and the emotional connect in the stadium atmosphere. He kept on saying that he had got a really strong emotional attachment with the team members during the course of the game, and that brought him tears while he had to leave. He says that he will crave to find an opportunity to get back to here!

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