Lake Street Accident Updates: More Than 3 Car Crash Bartlett Shuts Down Road, Says Reports!

Lake Street Accident Updates: More Than 3 Car Crash Bartlett Shuts Down Road, Says Reports! A very serious and dangerous crash and the collision happened between Naperville Road and Lambert Lane where one person sorrowed life-threatening injuries after met with a four-vehicle crash that occurred in the early morning in Barlett. The Accident On Lake Street Today was too dangerous and harsh by which the persons how ere involved in the accident got seriously injured and taken to the hospital for treating them from the injuries they got during the accident. The nearby people who witnessed the accident gets choked after seeing this and can’t accept that they witnessed a serious collision and then they rushed to the spot to find out what actually happened at the spot. After that, they informed the police official about the accident and then the officials arrived and examined all the spots of the accident by finding the cause of the accident with rescuing the life of the people who were involved in the accident. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about the accident.

Lake Street Accident Updates: More Than 3 Car Crash Bartlett Shuts Down Road, Says Reports!

The whole accident happened between Naperville Road and Lambert Lane at around 7 AM where a four-vehicle crash happened by which one of the people who was inside in one of the car goits seriously injured and is fighting with the life-threatening injuries they got during the accident and is under the observation of many doctors who attempt and giving their best to recover him from the injuries he got and observed during the accident happened on Lake Street today.

The Bartlett Deputy Chief of Support Services named Geoffrey Pretkelis stated about the accident that the crash was reported as a two-vehicle crash in Streamwood and according to the image of the scene it is shown and present that a vehicle crashed into the side of another vehicle. The emergency services and the firefighter reached the spot and gives their best to depart the top of the vehicle that was hit on the side to remove someone from inside.

The Bartlett Fire Protection District is yet not come with an official statement and a full brief of the accident which happened between Naperville Road and Lambert Lane and the roads between the area also gets jammed and blocked. The Accident On Lake Street Today is under investigation by the official show attempted and giving their best to reach a conclusion on the case, till then stay tuned with us.

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