Marion County: Driver in I-5 Crash that Killed Seven Charged for DUI Explained!

There is a shocking piece of news is coming forward related to the terrible crash in which seven people passed away. It is also shared that at least seven died and more were injured badly in this incident. This news is rapidly circulating on the news and various internet sites. Crash cases happen every day. Similarly, there is a video shared that shows this tragic crash and many social media users are hitting the search engine to know more about this accident. Various queries also arrived after this incident, so we made an article and shared the complete details about this incident.

Marion County: Driver in I-5 Crash

As per the exclusive news and information, this tragic accident happened on Interstate 5 in Oregon Thursday afternoon 18 May 2023 at just after 2:00 pm between Salem and Albany in the northbound lanes located near the Santiam River Rest Area. This news is now running in the trends of the internet and news. The police began an investigation after this incident and shared that two semi-trucks and a passenger van were involved in the crash but the exact cause of the crash is still not cleared. Scroll down and continue your reading to know more about this terrible car crash.

Marion County: Driver in I-5 Crash

There is a picture also shared after this incident which shows a white Ford passenger van crashed badly near the incident scene. And straw sun hats and shovels were also seen in this crash picture. One of the nearby witnesses of this crash shared that it seems like the van had been crushed between the two semis from in front and behind. He also shared that two helicopters from Lifeflight Air Medical Services landed nearby and took those people from the incident place who were injured badly in this crash incident while paramedics treated others at the scene.

This crash news is continually gathering so much attention on the internet and many social media users are sharing their reaction to this tragic crash. The dead individuals were not identified yet while the investigation is ongoing. Many users of social media and people are expressing their sorrows for the loss of dead people. The exact cause of this crash is not revealed yet but the investigation continues and everything will be clear after this investigation. Most times the reason behind the crash is coming out as drinking and driving but nothing can be said too early. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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