WOW! Microsoft Unveils new VR headset at Rs 20000

WOW! Microsoft Unveils new VR headset at Rs 20000 :- On 26th October, Microsoft unveiled a range of new products at an event held in New York. This includes their new workstation the Surface Studio, the updated Surface Book laptop and a major Windows 10 update that is scheduled to release next year.

#MicrosoftEvent,’ Windows tweeted on its official Twitter account – we are partnering with top PC makers to build a range of innovative VR headsets starting at $299. Coming in teh year 2017.


Microsoft company also introduced a new virtual reality(VR) headsets that are designed to work in tunes with Windows 10’s VR and holographic abilities.

The headset starts at a price of $299. The headset will include an inside-out tracking sensor which will eliminate the need for any cameras or laser tracking systems. As per the report published by PCGamer, the headsets appear to use a similar technology to Santa Cruz prototype of Oculus.

The firm’s EVP of Windows and Device group – Terry Meyers said that unlike every other virtual reality headset in the market today, there will be zero need for a separate room and complicated setup. While the less immersive VR accessories today cost more than $500, or require a new expensive device, these accessories will start at just $299 and work with affordable laptops and PC.

The new VR headsets of Microsoft are expected to be available in the market around the world in the spring of the year 2017.