Milwaukee Double Shooting Active Shooter: 2 People Died Near Fond du Lac & Congress

Milwaukee Double Shooting Active Shooter: 2 People Died Near Fond du Lac & Congress:- The Milwaukee Police are experiencing stress on the account of a shooting incident that happened today afternoon. As far as we know, the people of Milwaukee are menaced as a shooting incident happened in the daylight and shocked the people. According to the sources, a shooting took place near Fond du Lac Avenue and Congress Street in Milwaukee, the US. It was around 12:45 on 22nd July 2022 when people heard the sound of firing in the area. This shooting caused two people to die. The names of the victims are not known as of now as the police have not revealed their names in public so far.

Milwaukee Double Shooting

The people have been advised not to take the street beside the shooting scene as the police are doing the investigation regarding this shooting. If we talk about the victims, one of the victims was a man aged 37 years and another victim was also a man who was aged 41 years. The police have shared that both men died on the account of their injuries. As soon as the incident occurred than the police approached the scene so that they may provide affirmative support to the people needed after this attack. It is said that the victims of this incident succumbed to their injuries.

The 37-year-old man was a resident of Wauwatosa and another victim was a resident of Milwaukee. This news has been covered by a number of news networks and they are sharing this news via their news networks. The police are taking the witness of the people who witnessed this shooting. The available sources are expressing that the police have not arrested any of the suspects. As of now, the suspects are not behind the bars. It seems that the police officers are still surging the investigation so that they may reach a suspect. The family and friends of the victims are also silent, hance, it is difficult to find out information about the identity of both victims.

It is expected from the police that they must put the culprits behind the bars and also will make sure that the convicted may get an adequate punishment as soon as possible. It is possible that the police are not revealing the names of suspects so that the suspects may not get alerted. More details related to this news will be updated on the internet as soon as possible. May both deceased victims of this shooting attack get a place in Paradise to rest in peace.

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