Texas A&M Aggies WR Ainias Smith Arrested Over Drug and Weapon Charges

Texas A&M Aggies WR Ainias Smith Arrested Over Drug and Weapon Charges:- Hey, folks! there is no doubt that most of the big names are almost been to the headlines sometimes due to criminal charges and sometimes due to their behavior and it has been happening for a long time recently American football player Ainias Smith has been to the headlines after the player got arrested on DWI. Although, sources have confirmed that the man was not got arrested due to DWI but also had drug and weapon charges on him. If you are keen to know more about the news then be here till the end.

Texas A&M Aggies WR Ainias Smith Arrested Over Drug and Weapon Charges Explained Details Brazos County Jail DWI Athletics Department Policy Layden Robinson

According to the sources the Texas A&M leading wide receiver Ainias Smith, was booked on Wednesday morning on several charges including DWI (Driving while intoxicated), carrying a weapon that too illegally, and also possession of fewer than two ounces of Marijuana. Police also stated that the player or better say the Texas native was stopped by the police just for a normal check near University Drive somewhere around 1 a.m but when he was checked the police found so many things that do not belong to a law-abiding person.

Well, when it comes to talking about some of his career highlights then we would like to let you know that Smith was a captain for Texas A&M in the previous season, and you can take the idea of his determination and passion for the game by looking at the state of the game, as he caught 47 passes for 509 yards and around 6 touchdowns. The man also returned 23 punts for an average of 11.3 yards with a touchdown while serving as one of Texas A&M’s biggest playmaking threats.

As per the report, he enrolled a .066 and .061 during a breathalyzer test. Police likewise tracked down a stacked gun and weed during a hunt of his vehicle. Smith was suspended from the football crew per athletic division strategy following his capture, a group representative said, adding that lead trainer Jimbo Fisher knew about the circumstance and investigated it. Well, now whatever he was high on, raising so many questions against his career and saying this won’t be bad that if things will go like this for a while then his career will be spoiled or better say end, after all, he is a player who should be fit because it inspires others but what others will do if he will show something like this. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the case.

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