Mozilla Firefox Focus introducing a Private Browser for iOS Devices

Mozilla Firefox Focus introducing a Private Browser for iOS Devices : The Mozilla Firefox has come with the brand new internet browser to offer the user with the sense of the bit of privacy when using their private browsing. Earlier, the user of this browser was facing the problem of the lack of meaningful control over the digital lives, so Mozilla keeps in mind all these facts and now come with the new browser that is more secured enough for the users.


With the new features, the handle the sensitive searches comfortably without hesitating or discomfort. According to the statement released by the officials of the Mozilla, ” Firefox Focus allows users to erase their entire browsing session with just a single tap and saves you from the trouble of going through several menus.”

The further added that the ” the user could download the browser from the app store. Alos, the primary reason behind the slow downloading of the pages on the mobile phone is just because of the technology used for tracking the user.” Firefox Focus continues to operate as a Safari content blocker on iOS, and users will be able to take advantage of Tracking Protection on both Safari and Firefox Focus.


Well, it looks like keeping in mind the competition level of the companies, the Mozilla has used their masterstroke. Although, we all have to wait and watch how the people will react to this broswer.