Multi-Car Accident Update: Who Is At Fault In a Multi-Car Accident?

In this article, we are going to talk about the multi-car crash and this incident is making headlines on the news. It is shared that one passed away and two were injured badly in this accident. This crash was so terrible and it attracts the interest of many people who are now raising various questions related to this accident. There are many pictures also shared on the internet that are rapidly circulating on various social media pages. The cases of accidents are also increasing day by day and this crash was so much dangerous. Let’s continue this article to know more about this crash.

Multi-Car Accident Update

Multi-Car Accident Update

According to the reports, this crash took place in North-West Sydney in Midfield. It is shared that three people were involved in this crash in which one died at the incident scene and the other two were admitted to the hospital. The dead individual is identified as a 84 years old man and the other two are in stable condition at a hospital. This was a horrific high-speed car accident that took place in Sydney’s north-west. After this crash, the police and paramedics were at the incident scene. Swipe up to know more about this terrible crash.

Who Is At Fault In a Multi-Car Accident

It is shared that two vehicles were involved in this crash and this occurred at around 4:00 pm on Saturday 3 May 2023. This crash left traffic backed up for kilometers as emergency crews attended the crash incident place. Now, Epping Road has been closed between Vinimera Road and Balaclava Road. It is shared the 84-year-old passenger died at the scene from a suspected heart attack. The other two drivers were immediately taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital where they received treatment for thier serious injuries and now they are in stable condition.

In a report, it is shared that one car was trying to make a turn on Epping Road when suddenly it was struck at high speed by the other vehicle. The other two injured drivers were identified as one male driver and a female driver. The male driver is a 60-year-old man. The female driver is a 66 years old woman and she is a resident of Toyota Camry. There is a video shared on the internet that shows two cars were totally damaged from the front side and many police officers are seen in this clip. It is also shared that this crash made a long traffic at the accident place. Stay tuned to read other articles on the latest news topics.

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