Najafgarh: Two Men Shot Dead Inside Salon in Delhi’s, Caught On Camera

Good day, Today a news has come stating about a Captured video where two men fatally shot inside a salon in Delhi’s Najafgarh. Stay with in this article to find out more about this news. Sonu and Ashish, both in their early thirties, sustained multiple gunshot injuries. On Friday, according to police reports, two men were lethally shot inside a salon in the Najafgarh region of southwest Delhi. The victims, Sonu and Ashish, both in their early thirties, sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

The incident’s CCTV footage, circulated on social media, depicted one of the victims begging the assailants before being shot point-blank in the head. As per the police, Sonu suffered a single gunshot wound to the head, whereas Ashish sustained three bullet wounds to his head and one to his chest. While preliminary investigations point towards potential personal animosity as a motive, authorities have not dismissed the possibility of gang involvement, as mentioned by a police officer. The attackers swiftly fled the scene after the assault, causing panic in the vicinity and leading to an immediate PCR call. Three police teams have been assembled to apprehend the suspects. Ashish had two previous criminal cases against him, and both victims were residents of Nagli Sakrawati in the Najafgarh area.

Two Men Shot Dead Inside Salon in Delhi’s

In an unrelated incident on Thursday, police reports indicate that a 22-year-old scrap dealer was targeted in a shooting incident in northeast Delhi’s Shastri Park area. The victim, identified as Shahrukh, has a history of involvement in more than 13 criminal cases, including robbery, snatching, and violations of the Arms Act. Authorities have filed an FIR under relevant sections of the IPC and Arms Act, actively pursuing the perpetrators. Regarding the incident, Deputy Commissioner of Police (northeast) Joy Tirkey stated, “On Thursday, they cornered Shahrukh. A verbal altercation ensued, and Farman shot him. Shahrukh sustained a gunshot injury in his right lower abdomen.

He was rushed to GTB Hospital, and his condition was reported to be stable.” While studies on firearm fatalities in various countries have been published, there has been limited reporting on the pattern and incidence of fatal firearm injuries in Delhi. This study aims to address this gap by reporting on the pattern and incidence of fatal firearm injuries in Delhi and comparing it with data from other countries. The study examined 107 firearm fatalities autopsied over the last six years. The findings revealed that 46.7% of the victims were between 20 and 30 years old, with 90.7% being males consistent with similar patterns observed in other countries. Homicidal attacks accounted for 92.6% of the cases, while 6.5% were categorized as suicidal and 0.9% as accidental.

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