OnePlus Bullets wireless earphones review: Practical tech, with good audio

OnePlus Bullets wireless earphones review: Practical tech, with good audio: The OnePlus Bullets has tried its hand at accessories now this time which is also making headlines nowadays. Whether successful or not, coming from the OnePlus stable public can make sure that this will be given a design success whether this is a headphone or a drone.

As per the new and the latest accessory from the startup, this is OnePlus Bullet wireless earphones that were launched along with the OnePlus 6 last month.

OnePlus Bullets wireless earphones price in India: Rs 3,990

As per the expectation, the OnePlus Bullets wireless earphones have a premium design. This is the neckband design which is not so unique and is pretty much the flavor of the season with some different variants of the same dangling around necks of audiophiles around the world can be seen.

So this OnePlus has done a good job which also makes the headphones look premium and durable. This also arrives with a rubberized finish.

There can be 2 pods at both ends of the neck to keep the band in place which can be also having a house the battery.

The left one of the OnePlus Bullets has the power button which can further down the cable towards the ear that is also the microphone unit with volume and pause/play buttons.

The earphone sticks to each other which is also the magnets at the back. But this is also a switch and the music cuts off the moment which is connected with the 2 stick.

This is a feature which is also very practical, especially since the music arrives backs as soon because this can separate.

The play/pause button brings up the Google Assistant on the long press. And this also works in every time.

Actually, of all the Google Assistant earphones are generally fastest to respond or transcribe the speech which obviously belongs to the good company.

It seems OnePlus has done a good integration at the software level also.

Genuinely as we all know that iPhone and AirPods, the OnePlus 6 showed a card which can be connected the headphone to the phone anyway.

The audio quality of the OnePlus Bullets is good. And for a music lover, this will be better to listen to music in the headphone or earphones of the OnePlus Bullets.

Though Indian audience might want more bass in their music mainly OnePlus Bullets seem like preparing for the abroad people.

The OnePlus Bullets wireless earphones arrive with the dash charge and have a USB Type-C port for the same. This is good for OnePlus users who don’t require carrying around another charger.

And within 10 minutes of charging the earphones are good to go for around five hours; which is another practical feature of the gadget.

Overall, the company claims eight hours of battery life, and the Priced of the OnePlus Bullets, is around Rs 3,990, and the wireless earphones is a good option for owners of the new OnePlus 6 or any other Android Phone with Google Assistant also.

And the public can technically buy the OnePlus Bullets which is also convenient Bluetooth headphones with decent audio quality anyway.