Pokemon Go: Augmented real game is used twice as much as the Facebook App

Pokemon Go has generated and  broken many a record. This game became popular in the world very fast. According to media reports said that the Pokemon Go is used twice as much as the Facebookapp on Android on daily basis use.

Pokemon Go, the insanely popular app from Niantic Labs has the most first-week downloads since Applelaunched its iOSapp store eight years ago. Video: Just like many, Shah Rukh Khan is down with Pokemon


During the first week, the users of Pokemon GO spent 75 minutes per day playing, but only 35 minutes on the Facebook app. reported that the report gathered from 7Park Data pulled from a multi-million panel of anonymous US Android users.

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According to report said that when comparing daily usage the week before and the week after Pokemon GO’s release, 7Park Data discovered that due to Pokemon Go game, the daily usage of YouTube is drop by 9% and the daily usage of Snapchat is drop by 18%.

The augmented reality game has also become the most downloaded mobile app in its first week of release in the history of the app store. The Verge reported that confirmation from Apple.

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Pokemon Go is a free to play augmented reality mobile game. It is location-based game in which the user have to on the GPS of the mobile to play the game. Pokemon Go developed by Niatic Android and iOS devices. It was released in most regions of the world in July 2016.

Making use of GPS and the camera of the compatible devices, the game allows players to battle, train virtual creature and capture called Pokemon. Pokemon appears on device screens as like as in the real world.

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