Pokemon Go International Rollout Halted due to Server Issues

Pokemon Go International Rollout Halted due to Server Issues:- Pokemon Go is a huge hit among the users and looks like its developer Niantic is facing hard time. Pokemon Go is the faddish game which is based on augmented reality or AR especially designed for iOs and Android systems. Recently company planned for a global roll out but it looks like company has halted the plan because of the heavy load on the server. This suspension will let the developers have the time to increase the capacity of the servers.

Pokemon Go launched halted

Pokemon Go Launched Halted

Business Insider released the report in which John Hanke Niantic CEO tweeted that for now users sitting in the other countries might not be able to get their hands-on this game until there are enough servers to handle the capacity. We have been working hard to fix this server issues and thank you all for your endurance. Once we are done with the server issue we will soon be launching this game in the other countries as well.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels tweeted a friendly tweet in which he suggested Ninatic to use the Amazon’s web service hosting cloud services. He tweeted: “Dear cool folks at @NianticLabs please let us know if there is anything we can do to help! (I wanted that drowzee)”

Hankee also said that they were expecting their game to gain popularity but not to this extent. APP Annie Statistics provided a report in which they said Pokemon Go hit the number 1 spot in less than a day on US’s Apple’s App store.
About Pokemon Go:

It is based on one of the most popular video game franchise of all the time. Since it uses real locations and hence let one explore real locations to go in deep and search for the pokemons. It let one catch and search for more than 100 species of pokemon. When you first start playing the game you has to customize your trainer as in you have to choose between different apparels and accessories to make him look cool. As you will start playing games you will gain level as a trainer and at higher levels you will be able to catch more powerful pokemons.

This game was announced back in 2015 for both the iOs and android based smart phones. Currently this game is only available in three countries i.e USA, New Zealand and Australia. This game enables on to train, catch, trade and battle Pokemon in the real world. To let one search the Pokemons in the real world it uses the camera and GPS of the smart phone and let the users catch those pokemons with the help of a Pokemon Ball.