Powerful thunderstorms spread through Nova Scotia

Powerful thunderstorms spread through Nova Scotia: After a heavy rain, thunder and lightning swept across the region, thousands of consumers of “New Scotland Power” were without the power on Sunday night. After a tree in the yard on Adelaide Avenue in Halifax was demolished, the owner Brett Sanford told PS News, “I felt as if a hurricane suddenly fell and it was healthy for five or 10 minutes. It basically looked like something from Florida.”

As of 06:49 am on Monday morning, Nova Scotia’s power reported that 35,594 consumers were affected by the province, from Jarmut in the west to spare mines in the east. Earlier in the day, there were 44,256 customers without electricity.

According to the department, the majority of the interruptions were caused by damage to the transmission equipment. On Sunday, the whole of the New Scotland was under a strong thunderstorm for most of the day while some areas were issued heavy alerts for thunderstorms.

Apart from the collapse of the branches, there were reports of localized floods around the region. A video is being circulated on the social media that showed a bolt of lightning striking one of the towers at the Tufts pipeline station at Dartmouth.

The strike has also been confirmed by the New Scottish power however they said it did not disturb any production of electricity. According to them, the towers have been protected by protective devices so as to prevent damage from lightning.

The most affected customers of the power cut are located in the Halifax area around Prospect, Brookeside, Gulf Shores, Goodwood, Terrance Bay, Bichwil, Timberlea, Bedford, Hammond Mountains, Upper Hammonds Mountains, and Lucasville. The estimated time for power recovery is from 7:15 am to 11:15 am.