Santa Anita Mall Shooting: 4 Thieves Use Hammers in Brazen Robbery, Caught on Camera

According to multiple news outlets, an active shooter has been reported at the Arcadia shopping center. Multiple police units have been called to the scene, where shoppers are expected to see a large police presence. The shops at Santa Anita are located in Arcadia. Let’s continue to get a single piece of information related to the incident. So, read the entire article carefully till the end. According to initial reports, the situation began Sunday at Santa Anita Mall on the 400 block of South Baldwin Avenue. The mall is a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists.

Santa Anita Mall Shooting

The first report of an active shooter came in Sunday afternoon, prompting an immediate response from local law enforcement officials. As the news spread, photos and videos began circulating on social media showing a massive police presence surrounding the mall. People could be seen leaving the mall in droves, shoppers and employees alike. Some were huddling inside stores while awaiting further instructions from authorities. Swipe down for further details and don’t miss any important details related to this case.

Santa Anita Mall Shooting

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the emergency call. The Arcadia police department and other local and county agencies are en route to the scene. The police are working to secure the scene and make sure the people in the area are safe. The police are cordoning off the area and conducting a thorough search. They are questioning witnesses and looking at security camera footage to try and understand what happened. Due to the ongoing nature of the situation, the police have asked the public to stay away from the shopping center until further notice. They are asking people to please respect the safety perimeter set up around the center and not to delay the police operation.

At this time, the Santa Anita Mall active shooter situation is still in the early stages of investigation. Details on the shooter, possible victims, and motive are still unknown at this time. As law enforcement continues to investigate this incident, we will provide updates as they become available. In the meantime, please stay with us as we wait for more information to become available. In conclusion, the Santa Anita Mall active shooter situation is a major emergency for the Arcadia, California community. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as we wait for further details to become available. Stay tuned to get more details related to this case and thank our viewers for staying with this article till the end.

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